Blogging Matters

If you want to get a better ranking on search engines, keep in mind that blogs are favored when well written and consistent. Keep your blog short, as most people won’t read more than 250-300 words. Keep it engaging and post a photo to attract more attention.

Using keywords in your blog can also help to increase your chances of driving more traffic to your website. For instance, at Social Media Marketing Mix, we are a full-service Marketing Agency specializing in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Targeted Marketing, and Content Marketing. See how I spell out what we offer? Anyone searching these words will hopefully find us!

Planning ahead helps as you can prepare an editorial calendar to focus on specific topics. In my marketing agency, we will highlight specific marketing tools and tips and for our clients, we focus on their products and service. It’s also a good idea to blog about community events and use hashtags so this post can be easily found for the events and your company gets noticed.

Don’t forget the following to make your blog more prominent in the searches:
1) Use Keywords and Hashtags
2) Select the category appropriate for the blog
3) Add links for more information

If we can help with our marketing needs in Southwest Florida or Central Ohio, call us at (239) 994-7825.

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